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dogs_australia's Journal

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My name is Naomi. You may call me Edna, Boris or Ms N. Unless you don't want to. In which case you may call me whatever you choose, including, but not restricted to my actual name (but be careful, I own the ban button here).

I felt the need to share my canine obsession with a more local audience and thought perhaps that there may be others who also feel this way. If you think that you fall into this category please feel free to join.

I've notice that a lot of the communities here have a large international membership. This generally means that local dog issues are not covered with great regularity and Australian or Australian-state-specific adoptions, fosters or shelters are not freely discussed. This place will give Australians the opportunity to trade information concerning all things local and dog-related such as; local laws, facilities (parks, medical facilities, etc), products, events and breeders. Further, it may be used as a place where local dog owners can get to know each other, form friendships and organise real life doggy excursions, playtimes or group walks.

However, this community is not restricted to specifically Australian-related posts; but rather, it is open to dog-related posts of all kinds. Feel free to post pictures of your dogs, anecdotes, videos etc.

Other Animal Communities I Moderate:


As with some other great dog communities on here, I have organised a themed dog photograph competition. Feel free to participate in this. Winning entries will be displayed on the info page of the community for that week.

There is also a weekly discussion topic. Should you choose to participate, both the discussion and photograph theme will be listed on this page below the winning photograph (see above).

Please not that these themes are optional and people who wish to post on unrelated topics or post unrelated photos may feel free to do so.


Please ensure you follow the rules below or your photograph may not be entered in the competition.

1. State clearly whether photos posted are entries in the weekly competition.
2. Ensure dog's name clearly features in the post.
3. Post picture directly in post rather than via link.
4. Separate posts must be made for entries.
5. Email the moderator with discussion/photo suggestions at naynaynay @ optusnet.com.au
6. Use poll provided for voting unless otherwise specified.
7. Only one photograph of each dog may be entered in each competition. If numerous photographs are posted, please clearly specify which one is to be entered.
8. Entries submitted following collation/poll creation will not be considered.
9. Large/multiple images or text-heavy posts must be placed behind an LJ cut.
10. Entrants must not vote for their own entries. This can be policed.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Current photo theme: The Look of Love.
Current discussion topic: My dog's Profile.


A photo will be posted which users may choose to caption as a comment to that entry. All comments are screened to protect the identity of the captnioner during voting. The voting will take place after the poll has been submitted. Members must vote for caption they believe to be the most fitting, but they are not permitted to vote for themselves. The winner is displayed here on the info page until the completion of the following competition. To submit photos for the competition please go here.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket


Below is a new member's survey. I would prefer it if each new member would post the survey at or around the time they join so that all members are familiar with each other. Feel free to fill out one survey for every dog that you have! (Not compulsory, but desirable and not all fields are compulsory).


First name:
List of breeds owned:
Favourite breed:
Type of dog food fed:
Other animals owned:
Favourite activity with your dog:
Facility from which dog was obtained:
Where did you find out about this community?


Favourite food:
Favourite toy:
Favourite activity:
Other Animal compatibility:
Other dog compatibility:
Type of sleeping quarters:
Current or previous medical ailments:

WARNING: This is a photo intensive community. Please place any large images, offensive material or lengthy posts behind a cut.

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