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Lady Penrhyn


First name: Nicole
Age: 22
Location: Outer Northern Melbourne (so north in fact, we JUST got our first bus route! ) XD
Occupation: Deli Worker
List of breeds owned: Mini Fox Terrier (possible cross)
Favourite breed: Corgi
Type of dog food fed: Eagle Pack Hollistic Chicken and Duck dry, and Pedigree Naturals wet (currently researching BARF)
Other animals owned: 4 very spoiled Guinea Pigs
Favourite activity with your dog: Playing 'find the ball!'
Facility from which dog was obtained: Victorian Dog Rescue
Where did you find out about this community? was mentioned on a dog_lovers post.


Name: Kara
Age: 3 1/2
Sex: F
Spayed/Neutered: Yes
Breed: Mini Fox Terrier
Colour: White and Tan
Favourite food: Chicken and pig poop (yeah...gross I know but dogs really love pig poop!)
Favourite toy: Kong Ball and Premier Bouncy Bone thing
Favourite activity: Hoping the baby gate to the pig room will magically swing open if she stares at it long enough. 
Other Animal compatibility:  ...nil as far as we can tell.  Typical Foxie, everything that moves is food...except the Black Swan in the lake...she's not quite sure what to do with that.
Other dog compatibility: Is fine with small dogs (my sisters Westie is her best friend) but has never been around large dogs (that we know of)
Type of sleeping quarters: Has a home built crate that she is getting used too (still at the open door stage), has an outdoor kennel, and whatever piece of fleece/jumper is lying around that she can dig into an appropriate size mound.
Current or previous medical ailments: Nil
Tricks: Sit, Down, Up, Shake and learning 'In your crate' and 'stay'
Agility: nil
Photo/s: - her favorite activity - Fell asleep whilst begging for a chicken + salad sandwich...just a tiny bit pathetic huh?
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Cute dog!
awww adorable