planetunicorn (planetunicorn) wrote in dogs_australia,

Pet-friendly housing in Melbourne???

Hi guys, I hope it's ok for me to ask advice here.  I've been living in a crappy temporary apartment (like a dorm) in Melbourne CBD for almost two months now while I search a pet-friendly share house that's not far away from the city.  I really need to be either in the CBD (which I know would be hard) or in the surrounding burbs... somewhere within walking distance to the city.  Is that really too much to ask?  I know lots of people have dogs, but as soon as they hear I'm planning on adopting one they all shy away.  :(  I'm a good housemate; super reliable with rent, considerate, quiet, CLEAN...  other than posting ads on gumtree and, what can you recommend I do?  Most of the people I know live out in the country so they can't really help.

Thanks for any leads, or at least for listening to me rant :)
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dont know about melbs but i am in syds and found quite a few pet friendly houses near the city.

i list on here >>>


both have Melbourne options

Best of luck