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chihuahua free to a loving home. please read.

my friend works at the bass hill vets and they have found a tiny, 1.5 kg chihuahua . she was found shivering under a car, covered in engine oil, with a puncture in each eyeball. she is now blind and i believe this was done as a deliberate act of cruelty as i see no possible way two identicle sized puncture wounds could be made into the eyes and nowhere else on the body.

She has no owners that we know of. Have checked the chip but the details did not come up with anything useful. I have taken her for now and she is staying at my friends house in the st george area until  i can find her a home. in the pound she would not survive and would probably be put to sleep..

her eyes are being treated with cream and antibiotics from the vets but i will need to take her for a check-up after they are finished or if i have concerns. if you can help PLEASE paypal me some cash at or in person if you know me. anything would be appreciated or else it will be coming from my pocket. i suspect also i may need to have her desexed but it is hard to tell.

she is cream coloured and very very very small. it's believed she is 7 years old or so but it's hard to tell. she never seems to bark, doesnt mind other animals and is just happy to sit on your lap. she loves her food and is sweet natured though she is very scared. she can only see some lights and shadows. i think she was abused too. she is frightened if you come up to her so you need to be soft and slow and gentle. i think she needs a stable calm environment. she doesnt need much room. she needs love and comfort. somewhere safe such as where she cant fall into a swimming pool and drown. if you know ANYONE who would be suited to her PLEASE contact me here or call me on 0422 648344 any name is becca.

Ok everyone,  an update :

Thanks SO MUCH for all the help. I have contacted Renbury Farm and I am taking her there to do her time. They will not let me care for her as she needs  to be in the actual pound in case her owners come in looking for her. I am allowed to adopt her and rehome her after the 2 weeks is up, or someone else can go get her.  this is the legal route of doing things unfortunately. they promised me she wont be put to sleep based on blindness. so fingers  crossed. Also i am free to visit her whenever and the shelter is tied in with rescue organisations. she is being treated for her eyes and i am sure she will find a proper home.

i do not need the money any more either, thank you
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