Hunter, Hunted, Predator, Prey - (huntrgreen) wrote in dogs_australia,
Hunter, Hunted, Predator, Prey -

Destructive Doglet.

 Hey All, 

I have an 8(ish) year old Maltese x Silky Terrier, She was very very badly treated before I got her as a Rescue Dog, and she has quite a few neurotic habits. These are quite destructive, including destroying a door one day, and ripping up carpet to try to get out of the house, and peeing in the hall. 

This has been going further and further, and I have tried many things, I feel really bad and I have been leaving her outside with food and such when I go out, and there is someone at home quite often, but she is not much for playing or chewing things (except for the door or the carpet) 

Her behaviour has gotten worse since I went to Melbourne to look for places to live, leaving her with my partner, and then coming back. I have made the assumption she thought I abandoned her, and now she doesnt want me to go out without her. When she is outside she doesnt bark, but just seems so unhappy.

I am at a bit of a loss, I cant afford a behaviouralist (the Lort Smith Animal Hospital Vet told me I should consider it) and I hate the thought of her being so upset.

Any ideas? A friend? 

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