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Female Dog needing a home.

Long, convoluted story.  A friend of my mum's ex husband is getting rid of his faithful companion of 6 years because the wife doesn't want her.  Dog is located in Craigieburn, Melbourne (Australia)

*********IMPORTANT NOTICE***********
Please anyone reading this I need your help. I am trying to find a home for a beautiful well behaved 6yo Female Rotty named Indie.. before she has to be put down. She's fine with people and dogs and the only reason they are getting rid of her is because the new wife doesn't want her!!!! So please if you have it in your heart and you can give Indie some love inbox me ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Phone number can be provided if anyone is interested.

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2 female pedigree Rottweilers - litter sisters, 3 years old, with tails

One wearing a blue dog coat (Chevy) and the other heavily pregnant, 8 weeks in whelp (CJ) - requiring urgent medical veterinary birthing intervention - caesarian section

Both microchipped. Both valuable Show Dogs.

Missing from Bacchus Marsh Rd. Bullengarook, VICTORIA

Went missing Friday 9th September, suspected stolen from yard

Contact Karen - mob - 0413 046 839 ph - 54289187

or Sam - mob - 0422 466 530 ph - 94361659

Substantial Reward Offered

Please help get the news out, share on your FB or Twitter or LJ, as you can imagine the owners are completely distraught, coverage will also be on the radio, Channel 7 and Channel 9 news and all over the internet, these are much beloved family members. Please keep an eye out if a neighbour suddenly acquires a Rottweiller or Rottweiller puppies within the next few weeks.
Mods, I hope this post is allowed, the situation is quite urgent with the pregnant girl.
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Okay Aussie Doggers, perk up! Let's get this comm going again - how about everyone post pics of their dogs? Yep, not so original, but yeh. POST! I want to see cute.
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Little Bit and Me

I had a costume photo shoot with my Papillon "Little Bit" yesterday which I thought I might share here with you:

title or description

The photographer was Neil Creek from
Neil works in Melbourne and was happy to come to my house for the photo shoot. Believe it or not, but these photos were all taken in my garage where Neil set up his studio.

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You can view more of the photos here:
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I thought I would do my best to spread the word. Sorry about the x-posting.

Six Kelpies, 3 females, 3 males are desperately seeking homes. They are located in Wagga Wagga, NSW and are due to be PTS by the 16th of feb if homes are not found.

Pic under cutCollapse )

I know some people who are really trying to get these pups out, so if anyone is interested I might be able to organise some transport as I know Wagga is pretty out there.

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I was wondering if I can get some advice on the Doberman breeders of Australia. I'm currently checking out the Bladegde Dobermans in canberra (very nice set up they have), and I was wondering if anyone had heard/read anything bad regarding the dogs they breed.
Or does anyone else have another Doberman breeder in Australia to recommend?

I'm in no rush. I don't intend to get a Doberman puppy until mid 2011, but I like to be prepared, check out the parents etc.

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Don't know if you can help, but....

I adopted a dog from Save a Dog Scheme last Friday. He is an 18 month old papillon cross and, up until a few hours ago, he has been the lovliest, happy little dog you can imagine.
He has been playing with my other dog, eating well, been really friendly with people and even waking me up in the mornings by licking me on the face!

We were all really falling in love with him but then, something happened tonight. Suddenly, while my Dad was petting him, Pendlebury turned around and bit him, completely out of the blue.
Since then, he has been hiding in a corner, snapping and growling at anybody that comes close to him. I managed to tempt him out for a little while with treats and pets, but that didn't last very long, and now he's back to hiding and growling.

I don't understand what happened.

I'm really upset; I was really falling in love with this little dog, and now it looks as though I will have to return him.

Does anybody have any advice?
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First name: Nicole
Age: 22
Location: Outer Northern Melbourne (so north in fact, we JUST got our first bus route! ) XD
Occupation: Deli Worker
List of breeds owned: Mini Fox Terrier (possible cross)
Favourite breed: Corgi
Type of dog food fed: Eagle Pack Hollistic Chicken and Duck dry, and Pedigree Naturals wet (currently researching BARF)
Other animals owned: 4 very spoiled Guinea Pigs
Favourite activity with your dog: Playing 'find the ball!'
Facility from which dog was obtained: Victorian Dog Rescue
Where did you find out about this community? was mentioned on a dog_lovers post.


Name: Kara
Age: 3 1/2
Sex: F
Spayed/Neutered: Yes
Breed: Mini Fox Terrier
Colour: White and Tan
Favourite food: Chicken and pig poop (yeah...gross I know but dogs really love pig poop!)
Favourite toy: Kong Ball and Premier Bouncy Bone thing
Favourite activity: Hoping the baby gate to the pig room will magically swing open if she stares at it long enough. 
Other Animal compatibility:  ...nil as far as we can tell.  Typical Foxie, everything that moves is food...except the Black Swan in the lake...she's not quite sure what to do with that.
Other dog compatibility: Is fine with small dogs (my sisters Westie is her best friend) but has never been around large dogs (that we know of)
Type of sleeping quarters: Has a home built crate that she is getting used too (still at the open door stage), has an outdoor kennel, and whatever piece of fleece/jumper is lying around that she can dig into an appropriate size mound.
Current or previous medical ailments: Nil
Tricks: Sit, Down, Up, Shake and learning 'In your crate' and 'stay'
Agility: nil
Photo/s: - her favorite activity - Fell asleep whilst begging for a chicken + salad sandwich...just a tiny bit pathetic huh?