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Don't know if you can help, but....

I adopted a dog from Save a Dog Scheme last Friday. He is an 18 month old papillon cross and, up until a few hours ago, he has been the lovliest, happy little dog you can imagine.
He has been playing with my other dog, eating well, been really friendly with people and even waking me up in the mornings by licking me on the face!

We were all really falling in love with him but then, something happened tonight. Suddenly, while my Dad was petting him, Pendlebury turned around and bit him, completely out of the blue.
Since then, he has been hiding in a corner, snapping and growling at anybody that comes close to him. I managed to tempt him out for a little while with treats and pets, but that didn't last very long, and now he's back to hiding and growling.

I don't understand what happened.

I'm really upset; I was really falling in love with this little dog, and now it looks as though I will have to return him.

Does anybody have any advice?
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