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Long term Pet sitting


Just recently my husband has been offered a job that would require a move to the States for 13months (give or take a few months). The main issue we have is what would we do with our dogs. We have decided that taking them with us isn't an option with the cost of transporting, getting a house on the other side and then the quarantine laws to get them back.

I have heard that there is long term petsitting you can get, where you send your pets to live with a family while you are away, kinda like normal pet-sitting but where the dogs don't live at your house, since we wouldn't have a house here during that time. I was wondering if anyone knew anything about this? Have they done it? Do you know where I can get it done? Approx how much does it cost ect ect? I'm in Adelaide so it would be best if it could be done locally, but I think its a better option than a kennel, where I would be worried about them being locked in a run all the time.

Any help you have would be great... this whole thing pretty much hinges on the pets and if we can't find a suitable arrangement for thier care we won't go, but thought I would try to find out what we can do.
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