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help, advice?

Hello there, i'm Lisa and I have 2 shelties (one tri colored one sable) and 1 bichon frise. I'm thinking of getting another sheltie because i love them - they are intelligent, loyal, fun to be around with, loving... However i have been thinking of getting a japanese spitz as well. Does anyone here own a spitz? Just want to know what their temperament is like, whether they need tons of grooming, whether they can be left at home alone for hours in a day (of course i wouldnt neglect it but i have uni classes to attend but just for a few hours a day cos i spaced them out over the 5 weekdays), whether they bark a lot. My other 3 dogs are with my family back in my home country, i just wanted to state that to show that i'm not a dog/puppy noob :p So the dog that i am going to get will not have any playmates. Also it would be helpful if anyone knows of people who are intending to sell sheltie or japanese spitz puppies, females only! THANKS :):):) P.S i'm not too familiar with spitzs so i would appreciate it also if someone could point out trademark features of a spitz so that i wont be scammed by people who cross-breed just for the sake of earning quick $$!!!
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