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Hunter and Ewok - introduction

First name: Hunter
Age: 36
Location: Melbourne
Occupation: Customer Service
List of breeds owned: Rottweiller, LabxCocker, Many mixed breeds and a Maltese x Silky terrier at moment
Favourite breed: Staffy
Type of dog food fed: My dog and Meat and vegetables
Other animals owned: 2 cats that own me
Favourite activity with your dog: Walking in the dog park and meeting people at cafes
Facility from which dog was obtained: She was a gift from someone who got her from the RSPCA
Where did you find out about this community? I joined a long time ago with my old dog Harley (deceased)


Name: Ewok/ Vonda Da Streets/
Age: Eight (ish)
Sex: F
Spayed/Neutered: Yes
Breed: Maltese x Silky Terrier
Colour: Blonde and gingery
Favourite food: Chicken and Schmakos
Favourite toy: Not a fan of toys, but a big fan of snugggles
Favourite activity: Snuggles, Walking
Other Animal compatibility: Cats seem to beat her up a lot....
Other dog compatibility: She loves small dogs, though can be a bit of a bully sometimes, she has not been very well socialised and spends most of her time just doing her own thing, unless there are undesexed male Westies.. they seem to have her attention alot.
Type of sleeping quarters: Sleeps indoors on either a cushion covered in sheep's wool or on a trampoline-style dog bed
Current or previous medical ailments: She has old broken ribs, and a large mole on her back that her Dad (me) is saving to get fixed.
Tricks: can remove her clothes.
Agility: Not terribly Agile.

I have not had a dog that wears clothes before, and she does seem to need them, as she feels the cold a lot...

Will post photos soon.


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